Thursday, 14 October 2010

Watch Story 1st Draft Outline (needs to be re-formatted)

Intro: 3rd person view following a letter from post box, to post bag, to letter box.

Man wakes up. Realises he's forgotten his wife's birthday.

Man leaves house and realising the clocks went back night before (possibly upon seeing a public clock) goes to adjust his watch, but upon pulling the pin on his watch time freezes around him. He pushes the pin back in and time resumes as normal. He looks around in in disbelief and repeats the process to confirm this newly discovered power.

He then freezes time and heads to the shops...

*options:          a)to get a gift for his wife, before she wakes up.

All the shops are closed apart from a news agent. He enters the newsagent looks around, selects the singular appropriate card among the irrelevant ones. Gets some flowers and some chocolates. Man heads over to the counter (taking out a £20 note as he does so), where and elderly lady is frozen with her hand out waiting for her change. Shop keeper is frozen midway through placing a £10 note in the open till. The man reaches over, places the 20 in the till and takes out the various coins for his change.

He leaves the shop and heads home. When he gets home he unfreezes time and presents the gifts to his wife who is pleased.

Man freezes time and goes to work. He walks into the plush corporate loby of his office building and goes up to the lift. The man presses the button to call the lift (which is on a substantially high level). He looks around, glances at the receptionist picking his nose while reading a news paper and then looks over at a large
painting and studies for a moment. He then looks back to lift display that shows it's still on the same floor. The man looks confused, glances at his watch then slaps his forehead in realisation, after which he pushes his watch back in to make time resume. The lift is about to arrive and the man's mobile rings. Answers and to
find his boss on the other end of the line. His boss informs him that he is having a pay raise and that he canhave the rest of the day off.

He heads home via a shopping centre. In the shopping centre there is a competition to win a sports car. As the man walks past the woman by the sports car asks him if he'd like to participate.

He says; 'sod it, why not?!'

The man puts his details on a form, which he hands to the woman. He turns and starts to walk away, but as he does so the woman calls back to him.

Competition woman: 'SIR, SIR! It's your lucky day! You've won the car!'

Cut to man driving car, then cuts to man pulling up to his house. He walk up to his door, beaming from ear to ear, eager to tell his wife the good news as he rummages in his pockets for his keys.

A policeman pops up behind him and thwacks him on the head with a truncheon (dropping him to the floor).

*Fade to black with followed by the sound of handcuffs being put on.   

Cut to courtroom, man in docs looking confused. Judge ushers a TV screen to be wheeled in. Play button is pressed and CCTV footage appears on screen (to which the camera cuts to an extreme close-up of).

The video depicts the shopping centre that the man was in earlier, focusing on the sports car in the centre. You see that man violently assault or visually intimidate, he then steals the car and drives  out of shot.

The screen wipes to static then to another cctv clip, this time of the ground floor reception of the office building that the man was in.

The man in shown to walk into lobby punches receptionist in the nose and urinates into the fountain filled with koi-carp. This triggers the man’s memory, replaying the shot of him waiting by the lift and answering his phone to his Boss. Only this time he says that he is fired (due to the events moments before) and he must exit the premises immediately.

Memory fade back to screen that has gone to static again. Then the CCTV footage of the newsagent fades in. Elderly woman is seen buying something at counter then man runs in, forces old lady's head sideways onto counter. Man then grabs a pen from a stack and hold pen threateningly over old ladies ear. Man simultaneously screams at the shop keeper.

Shopkeeper empties till and hands over money, then man runs out of shop.

The tape causes man to flashback to when he came home with gift for wife and turns out he wasn't talking to his wife, he was just presenting the money in bundles to his dog!

It then flashes back to the night before showing that his wife had left him for some reason and that this is the reason for his day of delusional madness.

Then cuts to judge declaring a 25 year sentence and credits roll as you see the man in prison cell (either sat still or
banging his head against the wall)


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