Monday, 18 October 2010

Script outline: B-boy By the Bus Stop

 B-boy By the Bus Stop

Young attractive girl is waiting, alone at a bus stop.

Elderly man walks into shot, looks at bus timetable. He looks down at his watch then into the distance.

Time passes.

Elderly man looks over to Girl and smiles. She looks up at him and smiles politely and looks back to the road.

The old man continues to look at the beautiful girl out of the corner of his eye, when a young man in typical Hip-hop attire walks into shot with a ghetto blaster on his shoulder.

The Girl looks over at the young man with interest, as he puts down his ghetto blaster and lays out a flattened cardboard box.

The old man notices the girls interest and sighs.
Young man does some arm and leg stretches.

Old man tries to look interested in a pigeon that is pecking away at some crisps in the gutter.

The old man then shoos the pigeon away and stares back at the crisp packet.
The young man presses play on the ghetto blaster (extreme close-up) and break beat hiphop starts to pump out of the speakers. He starts to nod his head.
Old man looks over as the young man starts doing some simple bodypopping.

*Girl still watching.

Old man tuts loudly and shakes his head. He moves closer to the young man and waves at him.
They make eye contact and the old man points at the ghetto blaster.
The young man puts up his hands apologetically, reaches over and turns the volume down.
The old man shakes his head.

The young man looks confused.
The old man mimes to turn over with his finger.
The young man looks back miming ‘what?’ with his hands/arms.
The old man repeats himself, the you man then presses the next track and turns the volume back up again.
The old man nods and ushers the young man aside.
The old man then takes up a b-boy stance and does some breaking footwork, after which he folds his arms and tilts his head.
Young man is slightly bamboozled. After a chin-stroking moment of though, he steps forward and starts doing some basic Charleston steps.
He then tips his hat invitingly.
The elderly man then steps forward, does s bit more footwork, followed by some windmilling.
It then turns to a progressive montage of the dance off, with the old man doing increasingly more difficult breaking and the young man doing increasingly difficult charleson and locking.
The old man finished it with a power move and the young man admits defeat.
The Girl is blown away by the old man and they walk off, arm in arm.
The young man watches them sadly then looks miserably to the floor.
He gets a tap on the shoulder. He turns to see a love-struck old lady.

Old Lady:
A.      Offers her hand to dance and they do a Charleston routine.
B.      She gets out her mobile and points at if to say ‘what’s your number?’
C.      Offers her arm. He hesitates, mimes ‘why not?’. And walks off with her, arm in arm.
*Roll credits

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