Friday, 6 May 2011

Armature and Puppet Fabrication

To get a t-shirt logo close to the one in my original design, I printed of a scale version and cut out a stencil of it.

I bought some ball and socket joints and some threaded steel rods to build my armature. Following the armature plan I had drawn up previously, I cut the steel rods to size, glued on the threaded balls and assembled. I also made a simple twisted wire armature as a secondary emergancy backup.

Having completed the armature I bulked out the pelvis, chest and thighs with balser wood. I then padded out the remaining sections of the mid section and biceps with 10mm blue foam. After which I skinned the body with a layer of 5mm foam.

When he was padded out fully I measured the patter for his top and jens.

I had to remake the top because the I places the seams in the arms wrong and the contact adhesive that I used was showing through.

finally I made a mould for the neck and collar.

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