Friday, 6 May 2011

Making Hair Mould

I originally wanted to drill a hundred odd holes in the scalp and implant legths of elastic for the hair, but I couldn't find the right colour or thickness that I wanted. So I decided to sculpt the hair and make a mould (so I could cast in dragon skin and make duplicates). I aslo wanted the hair to be seperate so that I could paint the head before sticking it on. As well as this I wanted the hair to be a different material to the head for more aesthetics richness.

I used sculpy and sculpted over the original head so it would fit perfectly.

After makin a two part plaster mould of the hair; there were a couple of airbubbles that I filled with superfine milliput.

With my first attemp at casting I opened the mould before it had set. It hadn't set becasue I used too much acrylic in the mix with the dragon skin. I wasn't happy with the colour. I did another cast but used too dark a brown which turn the dragon skin black. On the 3rd attempt I got the colour I wanted. There were a few air bubbles but I filled them in with more dragon skin.

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